History of Newspaper


Source Google

In 1690 the first newspaper came out in Boston, made by Benjamin Harris. Back then you were not permitted to talk on certain subjects, for instance topics of a scandalous nature. Harry published a story about the King of France having an affair and landed in jail because of it. He wasn’t the only one to have this occur; others like Ben Franklin’s brother underwent this as well. 1791 started “the freedom of press” which allowed authors to write any story they wanted to and the freedom to voice their concerns and opinions. More people wanted to make productions in newspapers because there were no longer rules as to what was acceptable and they were at liberty to write whatever they desired. In time they found a cheaper way of printing, and were able to do 400 prints per hour. They ended up using newspaper to inform the people about the political discussion. Several people were illiterate at the time and their interest in the newspaper caused them to enroll in schools so that they could learn to read. Without the newspaper the whole history of storytelling in media format might not be here.

You can learn more about the history of newspaper here.


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